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RB Wire Spring Platform Lifts for the poly trucks

RB Wire Spring Platform Lifts for Poly Trucks

 All the poly trucks can be fitted with these great ergonomically designed spring platform lifts which reduce & prevent stooping and bending.

The platform raises and lowers for easy loading & unloading.

Covered in gray flame retardant vinyl material.  Also antimicrobial.  Springs are covered.  Heavy duty wire frame.

RB450G for the #4606 - 6 bushel poly truck
RB452G for the #4608 - 8 bushel poly truck
RB454G for the #4610 - 10 bushel poly truck
RB455G for the #4612 - 12 bushel poly truck
RB456G for the #4614 (14 bu) & #4616 (16 bu) poly truck
RB458G for the #4618 - 18 bushel poly truck
RB458G for the #4620 - 20 bushel poly truck

All poly trucks are sold separately.

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