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Surgical Wrappers, ESD Microfibre

Surgical Wrappers, ESD Microfibre

Liquid resistant, anti-static microfibre poly/carbon barrier fabric offers more protection than a standard poly/cotton material.

Meets OHSA and CSA standards for drapes and wrappers.

Edges can be color coded at an additional cost-contact our office for details.

All wrappers are made to order.  One ply wrappers.

 #691GR 18 x 18" min. order 24 pc
 #692GR 24 x 24" min. order 24 pc
 #693GR 30 x 30" min. order 12 pc
 #695GR 36 x 36" min. order 12 pc
 #696GR 45 x 45" min. order 12 pc
 #697GR 54 x 54" min. order 12 pc
 #698GR 60 x 60" min. order 12 pc


Note: Tex-Pro Western makes no representation that Ultra ESD will provide complete protection from exposure to contamination or will eliminate the risk on contracting infectious disease.