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Time to Rethink Microfiber Sheets

Posted by Debbie Fleming on

Have you ever stopped to think about what microfiber actually is and why would you want to sleep on synthetic sheets? 



Here in the pacific northwest environmental issues are usually a hot topic of discussion.  Shouldn't we be concerned about the environmental cost of micro-plastics being shed into the local water systems when these sheets are laundered?

Yes, there are some savings in laundering due to the quick drying but there are also drawbacks as those microfiber products need to be dried on a much lower temperature than most commercial laundries operate at.  Drying at too high a temperature can lead to wrinkling, shrinking and hardening of the sheets.

Cotton-rich blended sheets by Thomaston Mills provide guest comfort that 100% polyester cannot and are made in an environmentally-conscious manner in the USA.  Thomaston Mills offer a full range of poly/cotton and cotton sheets for the hospitality and health care markets.

Something to think about isn't it?

Check out our American percale sheets from Thomaston Mills - buy quality the first time!

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